Call for Papers

The Unfinished Synthesis –

Kant’s Opus Postumum

In the last decades, Kant researchers have developed an increasing interest in both Kant’s writings of the critical period outside of the three Critiques and for the post-critical development of his thought. Understanding the Opus Postumum – the last, unaccomplished project the Philosopher of Königsberg worked on during several years at the end of his life – plays an important role here, as it serves to identify both the foundational role of the three Critiques for other philosophical inquiries, as well as to understand the unity of a philosophical system that Kant had tried to establish. In this sense, the Opus Postumum can serve as a ground to identify the relation between Kant’s transcendental philosophy, his natural philosophy, practical philosophy, philosophy of religion, metaphysics and his broader epistemology.

The purpose of this workshop is to discuss the ways in which Kant adapts, transforms and integrates his previous ideas into a more comprehensive and unified outline of philosophy. We are interested in understanding Kant’s new approach to natural philosophy, his re-evaluation of the scope and limits of transcendental philosophy, the unity of his system, and the transformation of earlier ideas.

The conference aims at providing a space for fruitful exchanges between established scholars, junior researchers and PhD students. Presentation time – except keynote speakers – will be approx. 30 minutes + 20 minutes for discussion.

Abstracts ca. 500 words are to be send to

Deadline: 30 September 2018

Notification: 31 October 2018